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Scroll of Unbinding Redux

October 16th, 2013

The Scroll of Unbinding is BACK!!!

This item will only be available in the Flyff Shop from October 17, 2:00PM to October 18, 2:00PM!

Flyff Star Winner

October 14th, 2013


Upon much deliberation of the Flyff Team, the winner for the Flyff Star event is: ISHIRUT SERVER

Ishirut Server will be getting the following from October 17 to October 31:

  • 3x Exp Mod
  • 3x Drop Rate


As for Genesis Server, you will be getting the following from October 17 to October 31:

  • 2x Exp Mod
  • 2x Drop Rate


April 15th, 2013

We are proud to announce the launch of Level Up! PLAY on April 18, 2013, Thursday!

LEVEL UP! PLAY is our new account management and top-up system! This new system will feature the Single Sign-On model – meaning you just need one account to play, manage and top-up all your games. ONE ACCOUNT TO RULE THEM ALL!

Guild Siege

September 6th, 2013


If your guild has reached the point where you think you have the strength and numbers to compete against another guild, then this is the event for you! Only the most cunning of guilds can hope to achieve victory in the Guild Siege. Are you ready for the challenge?

Forsaken Apple

September 9th, 2013





  • Characters who are joining should be level 60 above.
  • Upgrade an Apple Wheat-Gluten to +10 and its element to +20. Any element is okay.
  • Trade in your Apple Wheat-Gluten for a  free upgrade and/or pierce to a single weapon or armor.


Music Festival

September 11th, 2013

Music Festival

 September 12 (after maintenance) ~ October 10 (before maintenance)


Description: Get ready to rock ‘n roll in the world of Madrigal for Flyff will be having our own Music Festival!!

  • Collect 4 kinds of Musical notes and 1 guitar in exchange of items that will surely rock you.



Step 1: Acquisition

  • There are four (4) kinds of musical notes and 1 guitar. They can be acquired by killing monsters from level 15 above.

September Item Mall Sale

September 12th, 2013

Get a hold of these items as they become available at the Flyff Shop during the event period!


  What are you waiting for? Hurry and grab them now!!!

Flyff Star

October 4th, 2013



  • All players can join.
  • No level requirement.
  • No item requirement.



  • GMs will run the event simultaneously for both servers, Genesis and Ishirut.
  • A “GO” signal will be given by the GM in-game showing the start of the event.
  • Players will then have to create a star by using their characters.
  • Each player will have to fall in line in front of the other until the star shape is formed.
  • The shape of the star will be checked through the navigator.
  • Only the outline of the star shape is needed as seen in the screenshot below.







  • Players will be given an hour to form the star shape from 5:00PM to 6:00PM on October 14.
  • The server with the best star shape wins the prize!
  • A monster summoning will be done after the event.



  • Prize will be implemented on October 17 to October 31.
  • Winning server will receive the following:
    • 3x Exp Mod
    • 3x Drop Rate

Bloody Hell

October 4th, 2013



Event Objective:

  • Participants will be awarded with a free awakes for every 5 Bloody Weapons of the same kind(Genesis) and 20 Bloody Weapons of the same kind (Ishirut) traded to the GM.


Registration Mechanics:

  • Players will be required to collect the 5 pcs of Bloody Weapons of the same kind for Genesis Server and 20 pcs of Bloody Weapons of the same kind for Ishirut Server.
  • Register your character at the registration thread per server with the following format:Registration will be from October 7 (12:00PM) to October 14 (12:00PM).
    • IGN:
    • Screenshot of your character with the weapon view window of the weapon to be awakened:
      • Awake 1:
      • Awake 2:
      • Awake 3:
  • Register your characters here:Once you register, you can no longer edit your post. Edited posts will be considered invalid. If your post has been edited, you can NOT make a new post to register. It will invalidate your entry for the whole duration of the event.One forum account can only register one character/account.
  • Only the FIRST 100 players per server to correctly register will be qualified for the event.


Trading Mechanics:

  • GMs will then get the Bloody Weapons of the registered players on October 17 for Ishirut Server from 3:00PM to 5:00PM and October 18 for Genesis Server from 3:00PM to 5:00PM.
  • The trading will be done at GM Land.
  • Registered players will only be summoned from 2:30PM ~ 3:00PM. GM’s will no longer summon players after 3:00PM so be sure that you are online before the specified summoning time.
  • After summoned, players should fall in line in-front of the GM. While waiting, the player should sit and wait for his turn. The GM will be the one who’ll be moving forward after each player’s turn to trade you.
  • Be sure that you already have with you your Bloody Weapons and item to be upgraded before you are summoned by the GM. When you are already summoned and you don’t have your items, you will be disqualified from the event and will no longer be re-summoned to get your item. Also, you are only allowed to bring Bloody Weapons which can cater to your inventory or extra bag. You will not be allowed to get your other Bloody Weapons from your bank or other characters once you are already summoned.
  • A player can only trade in a maximum of 10 Bloody Weapons (Genesis) and 40 Bloody Weapons (Ishirut) which means that you can register a maximum of 2 weapons to be awakened.
  • Awakes cannot be transferred or divided. Three awakes shall be given only to a single weapon.
  • When the GM is already in-front of you, he will then trade you. Keep in mind that the GM will be the one to request the trade, not the player. You should then give your Bloody Weapons to the GM.
  • After checking, you will then be traded again by the GM to get the item to be upgraded. It is your responsibility to unbind weapons that are already bounded to your character in order to be traded.
  • The GM will then upgrade your item according to the Bloody Weapons given. The GM will be trading back the upgraded item on the spot.
  • After trading, you may now leave the GM Land to avoid disrupting the event. You may also wait at the far side of the area for the monster summoning after the event.
  • If a player gets disconnected, he should then go at the end of the line to avoid disrupting the event.
  • You can only register for the event ONCE.
  • Players who will be disrupting the event will be muted for 30 days.
  • GMs decision is final.



  • Awakes of Choice for weapon and armor ONLY.
    • The awakes will only be given to parts or items where it can normallybe given to.
      • STR + 16
      • DEX + 16
      • INT + 16
      • STA+ 16
      • Crit + 8%
      • Speed + 8%
      • DMMT+ 8%
      • ADOCH + 15%
      • Attack Speed + 15%
      • Attack + 110
      • Def + 100
      • MP + 450
      • HP + 450
      • FP + 450



July 25th, 2014

Greetings to all Flyffers.

As the first online game in the Philippines with the flight mechanic, we’ve soared the greatest of heights throughout the years. But now it’s time to give our wings the rest it deserves. And so, it is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce that Flyff will officially close its Philippine servers on September 1, 2014.

We are eternally grateful to the thousands of players who’ve stood by the game throughout its history, from the casual adventurer to the competitive gamer, without whom we wouldn’t have lasted as long as we did. The game may be over, but the memories and milestones we’ve made as a community will live on in our hearts.

However, the adventure doesn’t need to end so soon. FlyFF’s registration will be disabled starting July 25 and conversion of LU! credits to FlyFF coupons will be disabled starting July 31, but FlyFF’s Item Mall will remain open, where you can enjoy all Item Mall items for FREE from July 31 until September 1, 2014. Also, please stay tuned for announcements regarding migration packages, where you can migrate your account to other Level Up!, Asiasoft or Playpark games and get welcome packages for when you want to start your new journey.

Once again, on behalf of the FlyFF team, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we hope to see you continue your adventures soon in our other games.

March Events

March 13th, 2014

Hi FlyFFers,

Here are the events from March 13 – April 10. Enjoy!~

Quest #1: Padriag’s Plea

Starting NPC:

Quest Starting Location:
Quest : Padriag’s Plea
NPC : Padriag Leprechaun
Quest Requirement : None
Objective : Find 20 Three-Leaf Clovers by hunting Masquerpets in Madrigal and Padriag the Leprechaun will give you a St. Patrick’s Day Box.

Reward:  Clover Cloak Random Box(New2014)

Quest #2: Just My Luck!

Quest Starting Location:
Quest : Just my Luck!
NPC : Padriag Leprechaun
Quest Requirement : None
Objective : Find a RARE Four-Leaf Clover and bring it to Padriag the Leprechaun for a special reward.

Reward: St. Patrick’s Day Cloak

Quest # 3: The Brewing Kettle

Quest Starting Location: Central Flaris
Quest : The Brewing Kettle
NPC : (Weapons) Boboku
Quest Requirement : None
Objective : Bring 30 Small Toothed Wheel from Collecting Area and 1 Furious Match  from Mr. Pumpkin to Boboku in Flaris

Reward: Brewing Kettle

Quest #4:The Main Ingredients

Quest Starting Location: Eastern Flaris
Quest : The Main Ingredients
NPC : Augustin
Quest Requirement : Completion of previous stage
Objective : Collect from any Masquerpets, lvl 15 or higher, 10 pieces of Sassafras and 10 pieces of Sarsaparilla.

Reward: Festival Box

Luna New Years Luck Bag Event

January 16th, 2014

The Lunar New Year is upon us, so we’re going to treat you to something nice! Starting today, Fortune Pouch(Year2010) will be dropping from any regular masquerpet level 15 and up!

Gather 10 Fortune Pouch(Year2010) and you’ll be able to trade it for great prizes from the  “New Year Correspondent” NPC beside the Mayor of Flarine!



Happy New Year Fire Work Box(1day)

Luna New Year day gift box



October Item Mall Sale

October 17th, 2013

The following items will be available at the Flyff Shop from October 17 ~ October 31!